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We redesigned the packing according to the assembly sequence.

No more clutter.

4-wire PT100
Hotend Thermistor

Edge-to-edge Heater

Buildplate Area 914.04c㎡ 100%
Edge-to-edge Heater Area 850.99c㎡ 93.1%
Standard Size Heater 625c㎡ 68.3%

Up To 93% Heating Area

*Take 300mm buildplate as an example

More than that

125℃ External Fuse

We have installed a 125℃ external fuse and you can mount it by one of the two holes inside the heating plate.

150℃ Integrated Fuse

There is an integrated 150℃ self-recovery fuse in the middle of the heater, it works as a redundant. 

Accurate Temp

In addition to the built-in thermistor of the heater, we add an extra brass M3 screw thermistor installed to buildplate.


Neatly Placed

All fasteners are classified and placed in a tool box.

Planty of Spares

There's are planty of fasteners, you won't have to stop your build even if you lose some.
The coolest thing is there's enough left for mods !


Electrical Safety is Crucial, We Know.

overkill wires

We used wires far exceeding the required specifications. Such as crazy 14AWG for main AC/DC cable.

High Temperature

UL1015 wires in electrical compartment, 105℃ temperature resistance VS normal UL1007’s 80℃


All wires in the printer chamber are FEP wires(UL1332), low friction, high temperature resistance(200℃)

Ultra-wear BMG Gears

Like the rest of the kit, there’s nothing to say.

This is the best extruder gear.

Pro Components


Black Genuine Misumi Extrusions



SUS304 Stainless Steel Fasteners


High Quaility 440C Stainless Steel Rails

Gates Belt

Genuiue Gates RF Belt

Pulley & Idlers

All from Runice, Gates Certified


LDO Steppers, XYE High Temp Steppers


All Pro Components


SUS304 stainless steel screws/nuts, genuine Misumi extrusions, PC Panels, Higher temperature resistance than ABS/PMMC.


SUS440C stainless steel rails, genuine Gates RF belts, top quality pulleys/idlers.


Genuine Meanwell power suppliers, BigTreeTech Octopus Pro, LDO Steppers, Genuine Omron SSR.


Fast Shipping

Once ready for ship, your kit would arrived in 15 days, for premium shipping option, it can arrived in 5 days In more than 80% of cases


High quality, quick response. More than 70% of after-sales requests can be completed within two emails.  We never pass the buck。



No matter what difficulties you encounter, you can ask us for help. Including but not limited to assembly/electronics/firmware .