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Magicstudio is committed to providing the best quality parts. And you can customize you own kit. Ship in 15-20 days after ordered. We have a vendor channel in VORON discord, you can ask there if any questions. Whatever you choose, these will be the default.

  • Stainless Steel Fasteners
  • XY / Z endstop PCB (only Z endstop PCB for Canbus version)
  • Sexbolt endstop mod
  • Filtered Inlet
  • Open-able cable chains

You can check docs here: MPX WIKI  For full bom, please scroll down this page.

Customized Voron 2.4 Kit R2

Out of stock

Maybe the best voron 2.4 KIT, you can also check bom list at

All parts are genuine brand, gates brand and optional HIWIN rails.


It’s a great corexy 3d printer designed by vorondesign. we made a kit for it at 2020, at that time it’s know as voron 2.4 kit magic studio and got many good reviews, we upgrade many parts and add more useful things to our voron 2.4 kit in the past two yeas, now it comes with RNC BMG gear, full-size heater and pre-made PTFE wires. we even add genuine HIWIN MGN12H as x rail in our voron 2.4 kit.


#1Fasteners KitVORON 2.4 Stainless Steel Fasteners Kit1
M2x10 Self-tapping40SUS304
M3x6 FHCS25SUS304
M3x6 BHCS20SUS304
M3x8 SHCS260SUS304
M3x12 FHCS10SUS304
M3x12 SHCS50SUS304
M3x16 SHCS35SUS304
M3x20 SHCS40SUS304
M3x25 SHCS15SUS304
M3x30 SHCS50SUS304
M3x40 SHCS35SUS304
M3x50 SHCS5SUS304
M4x6 BHCS15SUS304
M5x10 BHCS60SUS304
M5x16 BHCS40SUS304
M5x30 BHCS30SUS304
M5x40 SHCS35SUS304
3x7x0.5 Washer10SUS304
5x10x1 Shim Ring60SUS304
M3 Hexnut30SUS304
M3 Roll-in T-Nut150Steel,Nickel plated
M3 Hammer Head T-Nut100Steel,Nickel plated
M3 Insert150Brass
M4 Knurled Nut4Steel,Nickel plated
M5 Hexnut30SUS304
M5 Roll-in T-nut70Steel,Nickel plated
M5 Hammer Head T-Nut50Steel,Nickel plated
Frame KitMisumi Frame Kit1
Black Openbuilds 2020 90° corner4
Silver 2020 extrusion spring fastener24
Basic3x4x5 Insert Tool1
#2XY SteppersModel deponds on the option
– LDO-42STH48-2004MAH(VRN)2LDO option
Z SteppersModel deponds on the option
– LDO-42STH48-2004AC(VRN)4LDO option
MGN9H RailsModel deponds on the option
– MPX 440C Stainless Steel MGN9H Rail4Stainless Steel option
– MPX Black MGN9H Rail4Black option
Pulleys/BearingsGates option
– Gates Pulley 20T 5ID 9W4
– Runice Pulley 80T 5ID 6W4
– Gates Idler 20T 5ID 9W4
– Gates Pulley 16T 5ID 6W4
Normal option
– Pulley 20T 5ID 9W4
– Pulley 80T 5ID 6W [Black]4
– Idler 20T 5ID 9W4
– Pulley 16T 5ID 6W4
5×60 D-Cut shaft5
Belt188-2GT-6 RF4
BasicRubber Foot4
#3PanelsBlack ABS Deck Panel [3mm]1
#4MGN9H RailsModel deponds on the option
– MPX 440C Stainless Steel MGN9H Rail2Stainless Steel option
– MPX Black MGN9H Rail2Black option
MGN12H RailModel deponds on the option
– MPX 440C Stainless Steel MGN12H Rail1Stainless Steel option
– MPX Black MGN12H Rail1Black option
– HIWIN MGN12H Z1PM Rail1HIWIN option
Pre-made wiresNormal Toolboard option
– XY Endstop PCB1with Omron D2F-L
Canbus Toolboard option
– Y Endstop Station PCB1with Omron D2F-L
Pre-made wiresZ Endstop PCB1
Sexbolt Z Endstop Kit1
Pulleys/BearingsGates option
– Gates Pulley 20T 5ID 6W2
– Gates Idler 20T 5ID 6W2
Normal option
– Pulley 20T 5ID 6W2
– Idler 20T 5ID 6W2
Buildplate/HeaterMPX 5083 Cast Aluminium Buildplate1
MPX Full-size AC Silicone Heater1110V/220V
M3 Screw Thermal [300/350 only]1
PEIDouble Sided Textured PEI Spring Steel1
#5BeltGates RF option
– LL-2GT-6 RF 5m1
– LL-2GT-9 RF 5m1
Gates EPDM option
– LL-2GT-6 EPDM 5m1
– LL-2GT-9 EPDM 5m1
BasicGDSTime Dual Bearings 6020 Fan [XH2.54]2Electrical Cooling
GDSTime Dual Bearings 6020 Fan [MX3.o]1Exhaust Fan
Nylon Cable Tie 4x200mm [100pcs]1
PC4-01 Bowden Connector2
Bowden TubeWaiting update
SSR DIN Mount1
3M 5952 VHB Tape 6mmx3m1
6x3mm Neodimium Magnet20
EVA Tape 5mmx1mmx5m2
EVA Tape 5mmx3mmx4m1
Filtered Inlet1
10A 250V Fuse2
Pre-made wiresNormal Toolboard option
– UK2.5 Terminals set1
– U1-U9 Cable set1
– S1-S2 Cable set1
– Cable Chain 10×10 450mm2
– Cable Chain 10×15 450mm1
– Breakout PCB1
– Toolboard PCB1
Canbus option
– UK2.5 Terminals set1
– U1-U7 Cable set1
– U9 Cable set1
– S2-S3 Cable set1
– M12 Cable Gland1
– Nylon EBB36 Mount Spacer2
– Cable Chain 10×10 450mm1
– Bigtreetech U2C1
– Bigtreetech EBB361
Pre-made wiresPVC trunking set1
Z Stepper Label1
Nyon M3 Standoffs20
24V PSULRS-200-241
5V PSURS-25-51
BoardModel deponds on the option
– Bigtreetech Octopus Pro1
– Bigtreetech Manta M8P1
ControllerModel deponds on the option
– Bigtreetech CB11
DriverBigtreetech TMC22097Qty=6 for canbus
DisplayBigtreetech Mini128641
SSROmron G3NB-210B-11
ProbeModel deponds on the option
– Pre-assy Klicky Probe [PA12 Printed]1
– Full-diy Klicky Probe1
– Omron Q5MC2 [normal-toolboard only]1
– LDO-42STH20-1004ASH(VRN)1
– MPX Ultra-wear BMG Gear [5mm]1
– BMG Extruder Componnets Kit1
– GDSTime Dual-Bearings 4010 Axial Fan124V
– GDSTime Dual-Bearings 4020 Blower Fan124V
– 24V 50W Heater1
– NTC100K B39501
– PT100 [optional]1
– LDO-36STH20-1004AHG1LDO option
– MPX Ultra-wear BMG Gear [5mm]1
– BMG Extruder Componnets Kit1
– GDSTime Dual-Bearings 4010 Axial Fan124V
– GDSTime Dual-Bearings 5015 Blower Fan124V
– SK68123Pre-made
– 24V 50W Heater1
– NTC100K B39501
– PT100 [optional]1
#6PanelsPanels Set (Clear PC and Black ABS)1

Additional information

Weight8.8 kg

3 reviews for Customized Voron 2.4 Kit R2

  1. Avatar of rob#1456 V2.898

    rob#1456 V2.898 (verified owner)

    After just finishing my 300mm 2.4 build (V2.898) I can honestly say this is an outstanding kit backed by a phenomenal seller.

    I normally prefer to source stuff from Ali myself but with COVID shipping has become hit or miss and individual VORON parts have slowly been increasing in price. I didn’t want to wait around on one $4 part that was stuck in Ali-limbo so this was a no-brainer. Not only is the price fantastic, the effort that goes into neatly packaging and labeling everything makes assembly a breeze.

    I went with the black rails and for the price they aren’t bad at all. Only 2 of the 8 really needed cleaned & lubed up for super smooth operation but I have a feeling they would have worked fine out of the box. Also ordered the build plate and was very happy with the quality of the machining. I had more than enough of all fasteners and wires and ended up with a nice stash of extras/spares.

    Only problem I encountered was with the cooling fans. One of my 80mm fans was DOA as well as the 4020 part cooling fan but @livexy (Voron Discord) was quick to respond and ship replacements. Thankfully I had some old ones laying around so I didn’t have to pause the build.

    If you are really wanting to build a VORON but are on the fence due to sourcing all the parts individually, this is for you. Buy it now and don’t look back!

  2. Avatar of Kurt Stump

    Kurt Stump (verified owner)

    If you are going to build a Voron, you’ve got to be pretty geeky. Its a geek’s dream to build one of these machines and its pretty clear that Magic Phoenix gets that. This is clearly a kit that is put together by someone who knows how to build things. From the high quality parts, to the spares and adding in things that you may not even think of, and you have all the ingredients for success. Shipping was fast, support during shipping was great and the kit was better than expected. First prints rolled off this weekend and it has surpassed all expectations.
    Given the quality of the design and the parts supplied, I expect this thing to last a lifetime, but if I ever do need to build another Voron, there is only one supplier I will be looking at.

  3. Avatar of Alex Nichols

    Alex Nichols (verified owner)

    If you’re looking to build a Voron v2.4 R2, stop looking at other kits. MPX is the answer.

    First time Voron builder and this kit is AWESOME. The kit comes with high quality parts from legitimate vendors – If MPX says LDO motors, you’re getting LDO motors. Gates belts are actual Gates belts. This might sound obvious but you’d be surprised at some of the vendors trying to pass off clones as the real things – not MPX. The amount of options available while ordering is awesome, lots of choices for different components.

    One of the things that sets MPX apart from other big, well-known vendors is that MPX actually designs some of their own parts to give you the option of doing things a bit more clean than “official Voron”. As an example, if you go with the Canbus option you will receive a Y-endstop that is already built on a PCB. This endstop has a custom part on MPX’s Github that fits in perfectly to the Voron A motor mounts, and the PCB has an integrated NTC thermistor that can be used as a chamber temperature sensor! MPX also has a custom raspberry pi mount and other electronics mounts that allow you to rotate some of the components in the electronics bay, which gives a much cleaner end-result and simplified wiring.

    After sales support has been actually amazing, to put it simply. During the 15 day period while MPX was putting my kit together, they reached out to let me know some of their customer’s had been reporting issues using the TL-Q5MC2 with the CANbus setup and asked if I wanted to switch to Klicky (yes, and I suggest you use Klicky too). When I had questions during the build process, I joined the Voron Discord and had same-day answers to multiple questions in their vendor channel. I made friends with another customer who was at basically the same place in the build process as I was, so we started working through things together and made a new friend!

    More stuff about after sales support – MPX has their own documentation AND STLs for their custom parts on MPX labs! The documentation isn’t as robust as other Voron stuff (yet), however every time we found something that could be improved in the MPX documentation, livexy (the MPX rep who seems to spend every hour awake on Discord helping people) was open to our feedback and made updates to their documentation immediately. It feels so nice being able to contribute to a company’s documentation to support their products, and I can’t express how good it is to know MPX is actually listening when you have feedback.

    I don’t think you’re going to find a much better kit than what you’ll get with MPX’s v2.4 r2 kit. MAYBE if you order all of the parts on your own, then you’d obviously have more control over the individual components but you will definitely be paying more money for equivalent quality, and then you don’t get the custom parts that comes with the MPX kit.

    Seriously, stop shopping around and just go with MPX. You will not regret it.

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