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FastenersM5x40 SHCS1015
M5x30 BHCS610
M5x16 BHCS4255
M5x10 BHCS5570
M5 Hexnut1520
M5 1mm Spacer2230
M5 Roll-in T-nut6990
M4x6 BHCS715
M4 Knurled Nut35
M3x40 SHCS610
M3x30 SHCS2130
M3x20 SHCS815
M3x16 SHCS1625
M3x12 SHCS6580
M3x12 FHCS1015
M3x8 SHCS142180
M3x6 BHCS3450
M3x6 FHCS1430
M3 Hexnut210
M3 Locknut610
M3 Washer210
M3 Roll-in T-nut85100
M3 Hammer Head T-nuts65100
M3 Threaded Insert (M3x5x4)5270
M2x10 Self-Tapping Screw2030
MotionGT2 20T Pulley (5mm ID 6mm W)33Gates
GT2 20T Toothed Idler (5mm ID 6mm W)22Gates
F695 Bearing2024
GE5C Spherical Bearing34
5x30mm Shaft12
LL-2GT-6 RF 6000mm11Gates
Electronic Parts – Fan Kit40x40x20 Centrifugal Fan (24V) Dual Ball Bearing11GDSTime
40x40x10 Axial Fan (24V) Dual Ball Bearing11GDSTime
60x60x20 Fan (24V) Dual Ball Bearing33GDSTime
Electronic Parts – ProbeOMRON TL-Q5MC211
Electronic Parts – SSROMRON G3NB-210B11
Controller – RpiRpi 4B 2G11
Controller – MainboardBTT Octopus Pro11
Controller – DriversBTT TMC2209 x811
Controller – DisplayBTT 1286411
Misc Parts10×11 Cable Chain (About 460mm)33
Nylon Cable Ties 4*200mm  100pcs11
DIN Rail Mount Bracket for SSR11
Rubber Compressor Foot44
Bowden Tube 2m11
BMG Extruder Componnets Kit11
3M VHB Tape 595211
Foam Tape 5mm*1mm*5m x211
6x3mm Neodimium Magnet810
Cables22AWG,6 colors,PTFE wires,UL1332,6x15m11For most wires
20AWG,2 colors,PTFE wires,UL1332,2x4m11For heater wires
16AWG,2 colors,Silicone wires,2x4m11For main wires
16AWG,Green,PTFE wire,UL1332,1x2m11For Ground wire.
Insulated Crimp Receptical10For Power Inlet/Switch
Fork crimp terminal20
WAGO 221-41503Easy Wiring
XH2.54 Kit11
MicroFit3 Connector Plug 4 Position 43645-040045
MicroFit3 Connector Plug 3 Position 43645-030012
MicroFit3 Connector Plug 2 Position 43645-020027
MicroFit3 Connector Receptacle 4 Position 43640-040145
MicroFit3 Connector Receptacle 3 Position 43640-030112
MicroFit3 Connector Receptacle 2 Position 43640-020127
MicroFit3 Female Pin 43031-00074060
MicroFit3 Male Pin 43030-00074060
MLX Power Receptacle 3 Position (50-84-2030)12
MLX Power Plug 3 Position (50-84-1030)12
MLX Male Pin (02-08-2004)67
MLX Female Pin (02-08-1002)67
BAT85 Diode12
Thermal Fuse (120C)11
Omron D2F-L Micro Switch34
Filtered Inlet/Switch (With 8A250V Fuse)11
24V 50W Heater11
2-wire PT10011
XY Endstop PCB1
Z Endstop PCB1
Panels3mm Clear PC, 4mm black PC11
Buildplate5083 Cast Alumium Plate11
PEIDouble Side11

1 review for MPX VORON Trident CBT Kit

  1. Avatar of Andrew

    Andrew (verified owner)

    Awesome kit. Everything is great quality and went together perfectly, aside from the z-endstop pin that’s a bit short (I needed to order a 5x35mm for it to work). Really happy I ordered

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