Manual For Voron V0 Kit (2020.10.10-2020.10.17)


The manual here only for this batch Voron V0 kit  (order between at 2020.10.10-2020.10.17), Thanks for your trust.


When the package arrived, please check all things,

if something missing, please contact with me at the first time, both Aliexpress / Discord / Email are OK.

For some packages, Meanwell PSU is in the Buildplate box

You will found extra BMG gears in the BMG box, it’s high-quality ones since we made a mistake for normal BMG extruder



For building it , you need some tools/parts,

Including but not limited to:

1.Inner hexagon spanner (From 0.8-5mm)

2.Electric iron

3.Crimping pliers

4.Some terminal block (Needle and fork)

5.Cross screwdriver

6.Nylon Tie


Check whether the aluminum extrusionss, build plate and MGN7H rails are in good condition

If there’s any problem, please contact us at first .


Check electronic products, (Raspberry 3B+, Skir mini e3, Meanwell 24V 100W, DC-DC)


About Heater Bed:

The thick two wires are power wires

The thin two wires are the NTC 100K wires

Don’t get them wrong!


About SSR:

There are 3 pins on SSR (DC+,DC-,CH1), Follow this pic .

skr ssr

Yello => CH1

White => DC-

Red => DC+


Notice For SKR 2.0 from @lovesegfault:

use pin PC15 instead of PC12 (wire to CH1), wire DC+ to 5V, DC- to GND, and set !PC15 in make menuconfig






  1. If it’s hard to pass kfl08 through the lead screw, try to use sandpaper
  2. There’a C14 Inlet with fuse inside in the kit, the fuse is 2A/250V,

There are some small imperfections in the packages:

  1. No MircoFit/SM connectors in kit, V0 is small enough, I havn’t use them in mine.
  2. Maybe you need a Braided tube to manage wire

If you meet any trouble , please contact me .

your confirm receieved can help me much !  Thanks .

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