VORON V2.4 Fasteners Kit (Stainless Steel)
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VORON V2.4 Fasteners Kit (Stainless Steel)


All screws/nuts are made by stainless steel. No longer worry about rust

We offer much more quantity than normal requirements so that you can easily build extra mods.

Roll-in nuts tested with Misumi NFSB extrusions.

In stock

Comparing with normal fasteners kit, we even provide extra screws for stealthburner and klicky probe.

All screws are classified and placed in the lattice box, it would be your another part box after build. Don’t throw it away.

DescriptionQty NeededQty In Kit
M2x10 Self-tapping1540
M3x6 FHCS025
M3x6 BHCS1220
M3x8 SHCS217260
M3x12 FHCS05
M3x12 SHCS2345
M3x16 SHCS2050
M3x20 SHCS2940
M3x25 SHCS015
M3x30 SHCS3250
M3x40 SHCS2835
M3x50 SHCS05
M4x6 BHCS415
M5x10 BHCS4070
M5x16 BHCS3140
M5x30 BHCS2230
M5x40 SHCS2535
3x7x0.5 Washer210
5x10x1 Shim Ring4260
M3 Hexnut730
M3 Roll-in T-Nut120150
M3 Hammer Head T-Nut47100
M3 Insert90150
M4 Knurled Nut33
M5 Hexnut2630
M5 Roll-in T-nut6170
M5 Hammer Head T-Nut050

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